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22 décembre 2015

Session “Geochemical-mineralogical provenance stone tools: methods, background, evaluation” in Faro Conference

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The session “Geochemical-mineralogical provenance stone tools: methods, background, evaluation” on Thursday 10 March 2015 is of particular interest for people interested in flint characterisation.
Among these, we draw your attention to the following presentations of our colleagues:

Michael Brandl, Christoph Hauzenberger, Maria M. Martinez and Peter Filzmoser – The Multi Layered Chert Sourcing Approach (MLA) using LA-ICP-MS and CODA.
Luc Moreau, Michael Brandl, Peter Filzmoser, Christoph Hauzenberger, Éric Goemaere, Ivan Jadin, HĂ©lène Collet, Anne Hauzeur, Ralf W. Schmitz – Sourcing of flint artefacts from western Belgium and the German Rhineland: using visual and geochemical methods following a multi-layered approach.
Dagmara Werra, Richard E. Hughes, Rafa? Siuda – How useful are petrological and geochemical methods in identifying Upper Jurassic “chocolate” flint in Central Poland?

Please find the abstracts of these presentations on p 25 (8 of the abstracts) (Brand et al.), 26 (9 of hte abstracts) (Moreau et al.) and 27 (10 of the abstracts) (Werra et al.) of the program.

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